How to turn your product or service on-demand?

With the proliferation of various IoT technologies in recent years, we’ve seen an ample amount of new solutions and opportunities for businesses. The majority of the solutions so far have…

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With the proliferation of various IoT technologies in recent years, we’ve seen an ample amount of new solutions and opportunities for businesses. The majority of the solutions so far have been sensors for data collection or process control. What we haven’t seen too often, are solutions for improving customer-facing functions like marketing, sales and customer relations.

That’s why bttn was created – to act as a versatile human interface to support customer actions such as placing orders / re-orders and to engage customers in a dialogue. Simply put, to improve customer experience.

Today people hail taxis, order heating oil, place re-orders in online stores, request callbacks from customer service and whatnot with a simple push of a bttn.

Doesn’t Amazon Dash button already do this, you might ask? Kind of, but the Wi-Fi connectivity requiring end-user setup and compatible local Wi-Fi infrastructure puts limits to scalability and becomes costly to deploy, manage and support. This is where the massive value of Sigfox connectivity comes in.

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Steps to on-demand and better user experience

Here are some simple steps and few tips to help you get your on-demand solution done in no time with Sigfox bttns.

1. Decide what you want to get done?
All things start with setting a goal. What’s yours? Do you wish to give your customers a shortcut to your product or service? Or build a new business model?

Once you get a good idea, plan the interaction flow: what happens when a customer presses your Sigfox bttn. An example: warehouse manager presses a parcel service bttn to order a pickup to get fast shipping. Dribble on a paper – or a napkin. Whatever works best for you to get a good idea of how various parts work in your new service.

Tip: Get a bttn to test the interaction in real life. First with yourself and then with some friendly customer. The action can be just an email message at this point. It’s the end-user experience that counts.

2. Setup bttn actions
bttn actions are configured at cloud service. It’s a straightforward process. If you know how to write an email you know how to setup bttn actions.

There are various actions you can do directly from the cloud such as sending email, SMS, post to social networks. You can also link up with simple tools such as IFTTT or Zapier to get more things done. For advanced integrations with business systems, service offers secure authentication, HTTP(S) requests and modern RESTful APIs.

Tip: There’s a default HTTP template to satisfy most needs so light integrations can be done pretty fast. And the action can be changed whenever on the fly, so you can start with simple things and develop your solution further as your business grows.

setup action

3. Plan the hardware deployment
Usually, the most overlooked aspect in projects development is deployment. With bttn we have put a lot of effort to make everything run as smooth as possible on the cloud and hardware side so deployment is a breeze for you.

How to distribute the bttn devices to your customers? Do they know how to set up their bttns? Worry no more. Guess why we’re such big believers in stand-alone connectivity (and at the same time not so big fans of local infrastructure like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth)? Exactly. To be easy to use. Just power on and everything works. Like magic.

Tip: We’ve prepared a bttn deployment guide that covers everything from planning to actually execute the deployment. You can download it here.

4. Manage your bttn fleet after deployment
Now that you’ve successfully deployed tons of bttns to your customers the main thing is how to manage your “fleet”? It’s cloud time, baby. Bttn cloud has all the tools you need to remotely manage and configure single bttns or larger batches at the same time, to monitor bttn statuses and get automatic alerts and analytics.

Tip: Introduction to management tools is a guide you can download to get a grasp on the things that help you operate your business with bttns. Get it.

management tools (1)

Making connected devices accessible for all businesses
Bttn launched a new Sigfox powered device and a cloud service at CES2017 in Las Vegas. It’s an accessible solution for any company that wants to improve their customer experience and offer physical on-demand triggers.

Start going on-demand by going to

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