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It’s never easy to share a passion like freediving with your loved one, especially when he doesn’t practice the same sport. Every year, I plan a few diving trips by…


It’s never easy to share a passion like freediving with your loved one, especially when he doesn’t practice the same sport. Every year, I plan a few diving trips by the sea. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy the blue, the real one, not a swimming-pool blue. To share my first diving trip in Port-Cros National Park with my sweetheart, I took a little box with me. I had initially bought it as safety gear, but in the end, it became much more than that! Have you heard about TiFiz? It is a water resistant GPS tracker with a battery that can last longer that any regular GPS available on the market. It is a concentrate of technology using a new network: Sigfox, which is dedicated to low-frequency connected objects.


I discovered TiFiz during the crowdfunding campaign launched by Ticatag, a start-up from Lannion, in Brittany, France. I bought TiFiz because I was drawn to its ability to provide a waterproof geolocation system. How did I use TiFiz freediving? Before taking the box with me on a diving trip, I simply activate the tracker by creating an account on a website and subscribing to TiFiz small fee. It’s quite simple to do from a mobile phone or computer. I also had to select a mobile phone number and record a message – the message sent to the person when you press the magic button. I selected my sweetheart’s number.

My message was: “I will be diving here. If you don’t hear from me in two hours’ time, you may contact the coast guard.”

As I knew I would be traveling on a fully-equipped boat with a communication system, I attached TiFiz to my freediving bag to test it. TiFiz is water-resistant, but not waterproof. In case you considered taking the device underwater with you, it is not possible.


To send the pre-recorded message, I just had to press the central button of the box. It is easy, even with gloves on.

The recipient of the SMS, in this case, my sweetheart will also receive the GPS coordinates.

This is my daily dive on a map within Port-Cros National Park. Amongst all the points represented on the map, only two were created by me, when I pressed the TiFiz safety button. The others were created automatically by TiFiz as we were moving with the boat. Tifiz has been designed to do so (regular geolocation) without any intervention by the person who’s carrying it.

It is quite reassuring, because if I was lost at sea without the ability to push the security button, the tracker would still be able to provide geolocation coordinates to help find me. Luckily, I never had the opportunity to test this GPS tracker in a critical situation.


Anyway, TiFiz offered me the opportunity to share my first diving trip with my sweetheart, who had the option of following my daily dives through the geolocalized map.

Technology is great!


  • TiFiz costs 99 euros (I purchase mine at 85 euros with a three-month subscription included during the crowdfunding campaign).
  • After that, you need to add the access fees to the Sigfox network, which are not very high: around three euros per month.
  • Prepaid cards are also available starting at 20 euros for three months.

Discover more about Ticatag on their website

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