Capturs, the GPS tracker for your outdoor activities !

Capturs … Share your adventures, safely Hear the story of Alex Righetti using Capturs, a GPS device for outdoor sport. “Borderline … everything was borderline,” he said, before beginning the…

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Capturs … Share your adventures, safely

Hear the story of Alex Righetti using Capturs, a GPS device for outdoor sport.

“Borderline … everything was borderline,”

he said, before beginning the infernal climb up Montcalm, with the ambition of cross-country skiing in a very narrow corridor of snow that I would likely call death row! Spotting avalanches from base camp the day before might have daunted anyone but Alexis Righetti, biker, cross-country skier, and freerider. Every single person who watches his videos, see his photos, or reads the reports of his adventures might think, this guy is totally mad, or oblivious.
Actually, he is exactly the opposite, rational and savvy, fully aware of the danger he is facing, adopting maximum precautions against any unforeseeable problems he might encounter during his workouts. Today was a bit different: he was wearing CAPTURS! Like others practicing outdoor sports (trailing, hiking, skiing, biking, paragliding, etc.), Alexis mainly goes to isolated areas for long periods, and is often exposed to different types of hazards.

camp righetti

Capturs is a small, lightweight sports tracker with one month’s autonomy, allowing anyone you’ve authorized to track your progress in real time and receive alerts from you if something goes wrong. Your family and friends can use GPS to trace your path in real time on their computer, smartphone, or tablet.

A warning button lets you send an alert with a pre-set message. The beacon also sends automatic messages (email or SMS) in case you go into shock, can’t move (movement detection), exit a defined zone or trajectory (geo fencing), or have low battery power. Your fans can follow you live during sports events. They will be able to meet you on your way during the race or follow you remotely from the comfort of their sofa or on social networks. Once your workout is complete, simply download your GPS trace, with greater precision than the live transmission. Export and share it on your favorite social network.

banniere finale

Capturs uses the Sigfox Network because it uses less energy to send the GPS data. This energy savings translates into low-volume/lightweight autonomy. So Capturs is capable of one month’s autonomy, far beyond any other live GPS tracking device on the market.

Alexis has been continuously tracked during the adventure. Ludovic, one of Captur’s co-founders, was carefully monitoring the climb from his office in IoT Valley in Labege. After the ride, they could debrief and discuss the difficulties they encountered during the workout. Their testimonies were unanimous: network coverage was perfect in the zone, where even GSM phones were inoperative.


Sigfox has opened up a new way of GPS tracking, positioned in the high-autonomy/low-cost segment, directly competing with high-end satellite hardware, but 10 times cheaper in terms of connectivity.

There are plenty of use cases for GPS tracking. Capturs is the only one, and the first one, addressing the Outdoor community.

We would like to warmly thank Alexis Righetti for his unflagging and unflinching support and courage. You can see the video of Alexis’s furious ride here:

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